The Dublin United Magic U15 Girls soccer team is trying to help fulfill their head coach's dream. Their coach, Samantha Brand, currently coaches two Dublin soccer girls' teams (U11 and U15), and plays for a professional women's team, Bay Area Breeze. What's unique is that she is playing for the Haiti Women National Team as well. The HWNT is trying to qualify for the 2015 World Cup...but the team really needs financial support on this amazing and unique journey. The girls, for Coach Sam and the HWNT, have initiated a 'Magic Goals 4 Giving Campaign'. Please see link below on how you can help.

This is to help young women in an amazing sport do the best they can without worrying about whether they can get to the game because of the lack of funds or whether they have the proper and enough equipment along the way.

Your support for this campaign is much appreciated. =) Thank u!

p.s. Haiti won their first Qualifier match vs Suriname on June 1st, 3-0. Coach Sam scored one of the goals. =)  


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