Business Owners Get a Boost While Pumping Gas on Main Street

Have you seen the cards in the window of the historic gas station?

The gas station on Main Street has been a downtown mainstay for years. The corner station is well-known to locals as one of the landmarks and part of the history of Pleasanton.

If you have ever pumped gas at Coast Gas station, you have likely seen the window full of business cards from people all over the area. The gas station has been taping up the little cards, giving local business folks a bit of a free advertising boost in a small-town way for years.

The cards are a rare find as most gas stations favor brand-name advertising in their valueable window spaces.

Trung Nyguyen, a long-time employee of the station, says the cards have been in the windows for as long as he can remember.

"I have worked here over 15 years and the cards are always up," he said.

Nyguyen says the owner, Carl Graffen Slatte, has always allowed it and has the cards rotated out when space runs out.

According to the Pleasanton Downtown Association website, "In 1874, the Victorian style Germania Hotel was built on this site by John Kottinger. In 1881 it was renamed the Pleasanton Hotel. That Pleasanton Hotel was torn down in 1931 when John Amaral built the present gasoline station, located next door at 707 Main Street, for $5,000 in the Mission Revival style."

Check out a picture of the original gas station by clicking here.

Have you seen the business cards in the window? Have you posted your card there? What are your favorite Pleasanton landmarks? Tell us in the comments section below.


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