Grinch Alert: Safety Tips for Shoppers

Stoneridge Shopping Center offers shoppers tips to help reduce your chances of becoming a victim during this holiday season.

It's baaaaaack. The holiday season is here and so are the sales, the decorations, the shopping.

With those holiday purchases and bargains come the steals. Not the great buy you may have just scored at the sale at the Children's Place in the mall.

We are talking the criminals who know you are shopping and are looking to  capitalize on your distracted holiday mind.

Patch asked mall security about the best way to prevent being victimized during your time bargain-hunting at the mall.

Pleasanton Police has give us tips to share with you about personal safety during the holiday season. Read those tips by clicking here.

Should shoppers leave bags with their purchases visible in their car?

  • While we do have security officers patrolling the parking lot, shoppers should still take common sense measures to avoid theft. This includes locking your vehicle and keeping high priced items out of site.

Is the mall responsible for thefts that occur on the mall property?

  • Stoneridge provides security patrols of the property, including the parking lot, but cannot be held responsible for loss of property at the mall.

Is there security patrolling the mall lots during business hours?

  • Absolutely. Stoneridge has around the clock patrols in our exterior parking lots.  

Safety tips for those going to and from cars?

  • Shoppers should use common sense and be aware of their surroundings. The safety and security of our shoppers is our number one priority, so if they feel unsafe at any time, or for any reason, they should call mall security at 925-463-2776. Shoppers can also request assistance to their vehicle at guest services.

How can customers reach mall security?

  • Mall security can be reached at 925-463-2776. Shoppers can also approach any of the many security officers on property or request to speak with security at Guest Services.

What can shoppers do if they lose a child in the mall?

  • Call mall security immediately or go to guest services and alert them of the situation.

Is there a lost and found area at the mall for lost property?

  • Yes, Security keeps all lost property for several days. Shoppers with lost items should visit Guest Services with a description of the item. If an item is lost in one of the stores, it’s a good idea to check with their customer service department as well.
Michael Austin November 21, 2012 at 12:54 AM
If there are any criminal grinches lurking around the mall, I hope the mall security catches all of them. The other grinch out there I concern myself with is BAAQMD. I hope BAAQMD cannot surface, to announce any spare the air days over the four day weekend of feasting and football.


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