How One High School Junior is 'Giving Women a Reason to Feel Valuable'

Tori Knuppe has created a movement called 'WARP'D' aimed at giving a new perspective on what women see in themselves, in the mirror and in their hearts.

PLEASANTON, Ca: Victoria Knuppe Photo Credit: Cameron Vaughan
PLEASANTON, Ca: Victoria Knuppe Photo Credit: Cameron Vaughan

By Autumn Johnson

"Imagine how life would be if... instead of making resolutions about body image at the end of the year— every woman made a resolution to treat herself and others with utmost respect and dignity. That is what I call a resolution!" -Tori Knuppe

Foothill High School junior Victoria Knuppe wants to change how women and girls see themselves— one woman at a time. An ambitious undertaking, indeed, given the messages seen in society, the current culture and an ubiquitous media but 16-year-old Knuppe is more than ready for the challenge. She is on a mission.

Knuppe believes women are "plagued with feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness" and says she also struggles with "self-image issues." 

"It genuinely breaks my heart to see the physical effects of this problem across the nation and the world," Knuppe said. "And, what’s more, it breaks my heart to see nothing being done about it."

So Knuppe took action and spearheaded "WARP’D" (Women Actively Rejecting Personal Distortion). Knuppe says the WARP'D movement was created to "help women focus more on loving and encouraging other women" and to help women realize their "true value." The movement appears to be gaining recognition and momentum in the community through her blog and a weekly video challenge. The WARP'D Facebook page already has over 700 followers.

Knuppe told Patch, via email:

"The whole video-making process started in May when the idea originally came to me. I started by making permission forms, contacting a videographer, and trying to scout women for interviewing! My goal was to finish the project by the end of summer, and thankfully I accomplished it with the help of some very supportive people. The videographer/tech guy that I hired is named Cameron Vaughan. He's a Foothill graduate of the class of '12 and he now attends Azusa Pacific! He's great with technology and was basically the brains behind the whole operation! I couldn't have accomplished much if it weren't for him. The women I chose to interview are all from my church (Valley Bible Church) and school."

According to Knuppe, she devotes several hours a week to working on the blog, video and social media for WARP'D and hopes to eventually schedule speaking engagements about her movement at schools and churches throughout the Bay Area to raise awareness and ultimately change lives.

Knuppe wrote: 

"My ultimate goal is to see women treating themselves and others according to their true value. I know there is no such thing as a utopia where all women live in harmony, but there is no harm in trying to get there through loving and selfless actions! My ultimate concern is that women invest their time in the things that give them true value rather than the shallow measurements of today's society (looks, grades, the list goes on and on....). When girls waste their time trying to fulfill some unattainable ideal, they will never  be satisfied with themselves or other people. I want to trample that ideal and replace it with things of eternal value."

According to the WARP'D website, the message to women is simple: 

The WARP'D Movement goes beyond tackling the physical insecurities that women struggle with. We examine the inner woman in all aspects of life. Whether it be sports, school, work, relationships, or the like, our aim is to show women their true value beyond the destructive and shallow measurements of current society. Dignity and self-respect are at an all-time low due to the insecurities that plague the female race. We desire to solve this problem, one woman at a time.

Our goal isn't just to say "You're a strong, independent, beautiful woman! Now go out and believe it!" On the contrary, WARP'D believes in giving women a reason to feel valuable, rather than just telling them they are. When women start acting in a way that shows everyone their value, feelings of true self-worth will follow. After women embrace their self-worth in a healthy way, they can better serve and love on others. In the same way, encouraging others can also serve to make women less critical of themselves. WARP’D is a huge advocate of treating yourself according to your value.  When women overcome their warped self-view, they are better able to respect themselves and encourage others. These ideals are the foundation for a woman who is content instead of critical. Worthy instead of warped.

The busy Pleasanton native is one of five siblings in her family. Besides writing and promoting WARP'D, Knuppe runs cross country, works as a tutor and attends church.

Have you taken the WARP'D pledge? Do you know Knuppe? Give her a shout out in the comments section below.
Susan Knuppe December 10, 2013 at 09:06 PM
I appreciate Tori's insight and compassion! One person can make a difference and helping women recognize their worth is incredibly valuable! You Go Girl!
Jelly December 18, 2013 at 10:49 PM
Hi...meant to write sooner...but wanted to say: Kudos to you Tori...I hope you will always feel good about yourself....well into your old age...because no matter how much your body changes as you get older, it is still so GREAT to be Alive! :) Kudos to your parents too...because I bet behind that great girl, is a great support system- mom & dad. I just read this quote today, then read your story. Thought you might like it: “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” ― Barack Obama


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