SPCA Campers: How to Train Your Dog

A public service announcement from the campers at the East Bay SPCA animal camp.

Campers at the East Bay SPCA offer words of advice on pet training. Watch their demonstration and use of rewards.

Their public service announcement teaches pet owners about how to train your pet.

What kind of dog do you have? Is your dog trained?

Tell us in the comments section of the article and share your dog pics with us by uploading them to this article.

J. Conseco September 13, 2012 at 05:52 AM
Keep your dog on a leash. Do it for the publics safety as well as you and your dogs. There are far too many people that think public parks and schools are areas for there dogs to run free to harass people engaged in other activities. A women was recently bitten at the lake and required medical attention when the wound became infected. The owner of the dog fled the scene. Let it be known that individuals such as myself are quite willing to defend ourselves against agressive dogs and their owners. I have had problems while fishing at shinn pond. I now carry several large hunting knives and a can of bear spray. Shinn pond is not a dog park. If the volley of stones doesnt stop your growling unleashed dog I have something that will.


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