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My Thoughts On The Election

There are a number of folks that will like my choices and there are a number of folks that will not like my choices. All comments are welcomed so long as the comments are civil.

Patch asked that I share my thoughts on the election. My thoughts are few, but upper most is the thought that this election will soon be over. I am looking forward to that.

Four years ago in the last general election, I voted for John McCain for president. This election I am voting for Barack Obama. I am voting for Barack Obama because Mitt Romney declared that I was in the 47 percent group.

I am retired and receive Social Security and because of that I am in Mitt Romney's 47 percent group. I paid into Social Security for 54 years. Then, Medicare came along. I paid into Medicare for 45 years.

I did not appreciate being lumped into any group, let alone Romney's 47 percent group. During the 80's and 90's I maxed out my payroll requirements for Social Security. During the 90's my government required payroll deductions for federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare, state income, state disabilty, etc, etc. reaching six figures. 

If the government would return all of the Social Security and Medicare money they withheld to me, they can keep their Social Security and Medicare benefits. I would not need or want government benefits.

Medicare is not free. I pay for it. I am 100 percent self-insured. My Medicare, Medicare supplemental, dental, prescription meds cost over $500 every month. I don't know where Mitt Romney's head is, it isn't on his shoulders. Then, Mitt Romney stated middle income folks have incomes of $250,000 year.

For the propositions and measures on the ballot, I voted NO on 30 through 39 and YES on 40. For Pleasanton Mayor I am going with Thorne, because I do not like the pro labor candidate Cook-Kallio.

For City Council I am going with Karla Brown and without enthusiasm I go with Pentin. The other council candidate Erlene DeMarcus is over bearing pro-labor and consults for a silly developer from Hong Kong. Simply put, there just was not enough good qualified candidates for City Council.

I am going with Eric Swalwell because Pete Stark has been on a free ride far too long and has been a constant embarrassment. We need to throw Stark out of office.

I am going with Mark Meuser for state Senate because he was responsive to Patch and blogged on the issues. Mark DeSaulinier was not responsive to Patch and refused to blog on the issues. Like Pete Stark refused to debate the issues, and like Pete Stark, DeSaulinier is on a free ride, too. 

I have worked to defeat Mary Hayashi to keep her out of office for the district 2 supervisor seat in Alameda County. That will be a close election and Hayashi could win with 35 percent of the vote. Here's hoping she loses the election.

There are a number of folks who will not like my choices and there are a number of folks who will like my choices. All comments are welcomed so long as all comments are civil.

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Charles Seiter November 05, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Hello Michael, I respect your choices and more importantly for providing reasons for your decisions in the article above. However, I would like to know your reasons/concerns for voting against Prop 37, the GMO labeling initiative. I, personally, feel it would be very important/helpful to provide additional guidelines especially when it comes to the foods I consume. Producers regularly update their product labels in efforts to maximize consumer attention - I don't see how this would impose such a "burden" as is being proposed. In the interests of understanding the big picture before I vote, I would like to understand the reasons other consumers (not the corporations) may have for opposing this measure. Thank you for your thoughts, -- Charles Seiter
Michael Austin November 05, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Charles, if this measure passes, the labeling requirements for Genetically Engineered (GE) foods would be regulated by thhe department of public health (DPH) as part of its existing responsibility to regulate the safety and labeling of foods. The measure allows the DPH to adopt regulations that it determines is necessary to carry out the measure. I am against providing the incentive to turn the DPH into another bureauacy that would become another BAAQMD.
Charles Seiter November 05, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Hello Michael, Again, thank you for your feedback and thoughts. I agree there are myriad issues with many of the government agencies in place today and often too much bureaucracy for my tastes. When it comes to my health and guaranteeing "right to know", I do prefer to press for making crucial information available to all. I believe we will all benefit through increased disclosures. Thank you again for your thoughts and time to post replies. Best regards, -- Charles Seiter
Michael M November 06, 2012 at 10:12 PM
Hopefully those that don't vote don't complain about the results. The election is our turn to speak and participate in framing the political landscape - at least locally where the PAC and anonymous donor money is less intrusive. Could the candidates for various offices (if not all of them) be better, sure. But then again they could be worse. Either way, no matter your party affiliation or lack of affiliation, whether you are from the "Tea Party" or the "Occupy" movements just vote.


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