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Turn Yourself into a Green Consumer

If you adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you can turn into a green consumer. There are many reasons why you should think about going green. Today, landfills are filled with toxic and hazardous waste that can have an adverse effect on the environment; there is a significant increase in greenhouse gases; and there is air and water pollution nearly everywhere. The ozone layer is also damaged and this is letting harmful UV rays reach earth and has caused changes in climatic conditions across the world. Going green can also help you save money. This is possible by ensuring your home is well insulated to reduce your heating and cooling bills; you show switch offer from conventional incandescent light bulbs to CFL bulbs that will save you about $40 over the life of the bulb; and you can save water, which has become a precious commodity, by installing low flow faucets in your kitchen and bathroom. 

How to Turn into a Green Consumer

While there are several ways of adopting a green lifestyle, it begins with ensuring that you buy just those products and items that you need. And, when you buy these products, ensure they are environmentally friendly and produced using sustainable materials and methods. This will not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also on family’s health and that of your pet. 

Today, there are many products that are labeled green. So it can be challenging and overwhelming to make the right choice. You can make your life easier by checking out US EPA’s green product website which lists down green products and sources for green products. 

When buying appliances and gadgets, opt for those that come with the following labels:

  • Energy Star - This shows that the appliances and electronics are energy efficient. There are different Energy Star ratings that are an indication of how energy efficient the appliance or electronic is. 
  • Water Sense – This shows how water efficient products or appliances are.
  • Smart Way Certified Vehicle – This shows that a car or truck is fuel efficient and cleaner, which means that it does not spew out toxic and hazardous emissions while running. 
  • Design for the Environment – These labels are found on household cleaning products and agents that are formulated to ensure that they are safe for health and do not have an adverse effect on the environment. 

By opting for green products, you will save money in terms of utilities and fuel and you also will be supporting companies that are making an effort to protect the environment. Above all, you will be joining millions of people across the world who are doing their bit to safeguard human health and protect the environment from further damage. 

You also can buy vegetables and fruits that have been grown using environment friendly methods. These are commonly referred to as organic foods. While it may be slightly more expensive to buy organic foods, the more people buy, the cheaper these food products will become. 

Even where clothing is concerned there is an option to buy eco-friendly clothing. These clothing items are manufactured using organic materials and usually are made from organic cotton, organic wool, bamboo and bark cotton. 


An important aspect of going green is recycling. It is beneficial for the environment when glass, metal, paper and plastic are recycled. You can reuse containers at home to ensure that they do not end up in landfills. You also have the option of using organic waste in your home and converting it into compost by creating a compost pit at home. This will do away the need to use chemicals and inorganic fertilizers and you can be proud of the bounty your garden produces. 

Recycling also means segregating waste and disposing off products, such as oil, paints, solvents, cell phones and car batteries, in a safe manner. Today, many cities and towns have collection centers where these products can be delivered so that they can be recycled. 

A few years ago turning in a green consumer was considered a fad, but today it has become a necessity. If we want to leave behind an environment and planet that future generations can enjoy, it is important that you and others switch to using green products and items and do their bit to save the environment. 

Erich Lawson is an ardent supporter of recycling. He is associated with a Northern California Compactors, Inc producing recycling equipment such as trash compactors and shredders. If you share Erich’s cause and want to know more about how you can turn into a green citizen do not hesitate contact him on his norcal43@gmail.com. 

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