Friends, Relatives Leave Heartfelt Messages For Murder Victim Tina Faelz on Facebook

"You made me laugh when I was in pain. I saw you pick up an old man's wallet and hand it to him just so he wouldn't have to bend over. You tried to find your own way when the usual way was blocked."

After police announced Monday that they'd in the  murder of 14-year-old Tina Faelz almost three decades ago, Pleasanton Patch's Facebook page was flooded with comments.

Friends of Tina's from — many of whom had moved out of state — reconnected with each other and talked about their beloved friend. They traded memories of that horrible day in 1984, and even talked about 43-year-old suspect Steven J. Carlson, who was a 16-year-old classmate at the time, and how they'd always thought he did it. Click to read about his arraignment on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we created a Facebook page called Remembering Tina Faelz, and the comments kept coming. Within 24 hours, more than 160 people had "liked" the page. There's discussion there about where to leave flowers for Tina, whether she was in band and played the flute, and how she'd looked so sad toward the end of her life.

While Patch did interview people who knew Tina for , we thought we would also share a sampling of the most poignant Facebook comments.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Ryan Howard: This has absorbed my entire day and all i can think is I knew one day the truth would come forward. My prayers to former classmate (Tina's brother) Drew and his mother. R.I.P. Tina

Stacy Coleman LaMorgese: You made me laugh when I was in pain. I saw you pick up an old man's wallet and hand it to him just so he wouldn't have to bend over. You tried to find your own way when the usual way was blocked. I still have every note you ever wrote me. I think of you so often. I tell my children about you. I'm going to tell my grandchildren about you. I am trying to make the world a better place because of the things you taught me. You still come to me in dreams and I still listen.

Gary Carman: Poor baby, you won't be forgotten. I was a senior at Foothill when this happened and looking at her picture is even harder now knowing how much life was missed that the rest of us have been lucky enough to be blessed with. As a parent I can't imagine having this happen to one of my little ones.

Rochelle Bernard: She lived in the same tract of homes that I did at the time. I didn't know her, but I remember this very well. Very sad day that was. I am happy that justice is finally served, and I hope his arrest provides her family at least a little more comfort and closure.

Valerie Gray Nelson: I remember my brother commenting on her a couple times. We had seen her walking thru the trails & being new to the neighborhood, I asked who's that? Oh, that's Tina, she seems nice but the other kids pick on her a lot. She always seemed sad the few times I saw her.

Shannon West: ‎~ ♥ ~ Tina was my neighbor...I lived kitty corner behind her house. My bedroom window upstairs looked down on her house...I still remember the day I heard the horrific news :/ I just recently moved out of my childhood home that I had purchased in 2000. I used to stare out my window and wonder, Why??? I was only 13 years old and couldn't understand why someone would do such a thing....I wish I could look one last time through my window and just smile for her and her family. It's about time for some justice.

Kelly Ely Stone: I brought flowers for Tina's mother and family. I went to their court in Valley Trails (they lived two courts up from where my family lived back then.) I did not see any flowers or memorial set up at any of the houses, so I chose to respect their privacy and placed the flowers at her memorial tree at Foothill High School. There are a few flowers there. Anyhow, for what it's worth, if anyone else was thinking to do so, I'll save you the trip, I feel it's best to place them at Tina's memorial at FHS.

Ivy Fonti Faelz: Hi Everyone, this is Drew, Tina's brother. At this time, it would be best to bring flowers to the memorial at Foothill High School. I want to thank everyone for your support during this process.

Daren Lasky: Drew, I was a police explorer back in 1984 and met your mom years later at Tri Valley in Pleasanton and had many days with her at the coffee bar and talked for many hours. I have since moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. I have not seen Shirley the few times I have been back. Please tell your mom that I hope she finds some peace from the case being solved I know she became a very private woman and I hope she and your family can now move forward with some closure. Please let her know she has always been in my prayers.

Nancy Driskill Owens: I think we are all affected in so many ways, just knowing she was taken away at such a young age by a senseless killing and by someone we all knew brings up so many feelings. I can't get it off my mind.

Ida Tateo May: I remember this so well.. I was only 10 I believe but my sister I believe was in her class. It rocked our community. I'm just so glad that she is finally getting justice!! May u RIP Tina! God bless you and your family.

Stacy Tudor Mitchell: I seem to recall that she was in the Wells Marching Band with my brother in 1983. I think she played the flute.

Stacy Tudor Mitchell: I'm sure I was at a band review with them at some point. Gosh, don't know if any pictures from back then exist.

Donyl Ott Ferris: From what I remember she was a very sweet, shy girl. I moved out of state before she was murdered but I remember getting the news about it & how sick to my stomach I was. I'm hoping & praying for justice even if it's 27 years later...better late than never!

Kim Reiff Buzan: Tina was my cousin and I live out of state now, thank you for this page to remember to her and for those who can support the arraignment on Wed!


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