Holiday Safety Tips from Pleasanton Police

Pleasanton Police offers tips to keep you safe during the holiday season.

From the Pleasanton Police Department:

The holidays are upon us once again. With that comes much more activity and many more shoppers. It also brings more potential for theft and other crimes.

While it is important to be safe year round it is especially important to be safe during the holiday season. Here are some tips to keep you safe during this joyous holiday season.

• Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you.
• Do not leave items visible in your car. If you have to leave items in the car, put them in
the trunk where they cannot be seen.
• Avoid carrying more than two credit cards and do not carry more cash than you need.
• Try not to carry too many items at one time so you have at least one hand free. Try to have your keys out so you can get into your parked car quickly.
• When at work try to park closely to your work location, in a well-lit area and if you have to leave work late try to leave with another person.
• Secure purses and wallets. Carry your purse at your side and wallets should be put in a front pocket. Do not leave your wallet unattended while you are shopping.

If you have questions or would like to talk to us about any issues please feel free to contact Pleasanton Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (925) 931-5100.

Be aware, be safe, and have a wonderful holiday season.


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