Website Points to Prevalence of Prostitution in Tri-Valley

Website lists massage parlors that it says offer more than just massage.

Police in the Tri-Valley continue to use information from a massage parlor rating website in an effort to crack down on businesses that offer more than just a relaxing rubdown.

The website, rubmaps.com, lists local massage parlors along with menus of sexual services the site says are provided in addition to massages by some of the masseuses.

Pleasanton has the highest number of parlors listed in the Tri-Valley with 12. In Dublin, nine are listed. Livermore has three parlors that are rated, Danville has three and San Ramon has eight listed.

Dublin Police officials says they are aware of the site along with several other similar sites.

"We are aware of this website and several others" said Lt. Herb Walters. "We are working with the District Attorney’s Office and other agencies to come up with a plan to best handle this so all involved will be prosecuted and/or deported if it warrants.  We have had only a couple complaints from citizens noticing a steady stream of male clientele visiting the establishments. It has mainly been two businesses and that is where we are concentrating our efforts"

Pleasanton Police say they have also used the site as a tool to help catch illegal activity occurring at massage parlors in town.

Sgt. Mark Reimer wrote:

"We have actually used it in the past to help identify suspicious locations and to corroborate what we might personally witness during an investigation. Like everything else on the Internet, some of it might be accurate, but that does not necessarily make it reliable.

"I think the most important thing to remember is that a review (assuming it is a legitimate review) is only accurate for a particular location on a given day. This is because the masseuses regularly move from city to city and from establishment to establishment.

"We have conducted compliance checks at all of the locations listed in Pleasanton.  We have found that most of them provide legitimate massage services, but we have issued citations for improper activity at a couple of them.  In addition to those listed, there are a few no longer listed because we determined they were consistently providing illegal services.  In those cases, we conducted an investigation and the city revoked their massage and/or business permits."

Pleasanton Police Lt. Jeffrey Bretzing says the police department made four arrests for prostitution in 2011, but none of those arrests were related to the massage parlors. No prostitution arrests have been made so far in 2012.

According to Bretzing, the acts that may be occurring in the parlors are generally handled by citations and are sent to the city attorney’s office.

The Pleasanton Municipal Code lists several sections under the subsections "Topless and Bottomless Entertainment" in the "Public Peace, Morals and Welfare" section that may be applicable to the massage parlor activities listed on the website.

The Alameda County district attorney's office hasn't been available for comment about the website.

The listings often offer the masseus' name, description of hair and eye color, age, height and weight, breast size, personal grooming habits along with a list of the sex acts she will reportedly perform or allow.

Rubmaps lists the sex acts and many descriptions in text-style slang acronyms and provides a guide on the site for decoding the slang.

The site, which eventually asks the reader to pay a fee of either $14.95 a month or $99 a year to get more graphic and detailed information, lists information such as forms of payment taken (many list "cash only") and whether there is big-rig parking available nearby.

On a few of the listings, it makes note of other businesses from which someone might be able to see the client walking into the massage parlor.

Many of the parlors listed offer extended hours of operations such as 9 a.m. to 10 p.m and the site allows clients to post a personal review of their experiences. Some of the phone numbers listed for the parlors also show up on a site called "myredbook.com" which is a paid "members only" website that rates escorts, massage, strip clubs and prostitutes.

In October 2011, a rubmaps users reviewed a Dublin parlor:

"Cindy is cute. I am not sure if this place wants explicit reviews, so I am not giving you folks details. Just look at the tip amount and get a clue. Tipping was not discussed. $50/75 minutes as advertised on craigslist."

Not all ratings discuss sex acts and some even profess the legitimacy of the parlor as seen it this rating from January of a Pleasanton parlor from a rubmaps user:

"Strictly legit, walls don't go all the way up. You can hear everything."

Patch tried to call some of the parlors on the websites and all of them contacted either refused any comment or hung up after being asked about being listed on rubmaps. Several of the numbers called had no voice mail set up or rang without any voice mail. Of those who did answer, the call was always taken by a woman who spoke little English.

Rubmaps.com has not returned emails or calls for comment.

Is prostitution a problem in the Tri-Valley? Tell us in the comments section below.

Respect Yourself November 04, 2012 at 06:42 AM
Why would you post this information about you being a sex-worker online? Big brother is watching. Really clever. But I wouldn't expect anything less from someone working in a less than honorable 'industry'. I may not make as much money as a hooker but I sleep well with more integrity than you will ever have.
jbk November 25, 2012 at 08:26 PM
The typical place operating in the USA does not even fit these models. They are typically clean, well managed and culturally accepted and tolerated by informed people who may have as a part of their massage training by choice the culturally accepted happy ending or more. Guess what? Drugs, violence, unsanitary conditions, slavery and other bad factors are NOT factors among their operations. A discreet, sanitary operation that meets the demands of both customer and service provider exists in many places throughout the Bay Area. Dirty, nasty, smelly, disease promoting street level unprofessional operations are the real bad actors. The pimps who use drugs or threat of harm are the bad guys. Personally, my view is that if the business is in a facility that is clean, uses condoms, has steam towels, wash facilities, is discreet; not obvious, does not raise the eyebrow of a nun or my daughter who may pass it by; is not in a residential area; city descriptions excluded to some extent - and is a willful business operation that pays its taxes too, then let it be.
jbk November 25, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Why this activity is illegal at all has a lot more to do with religious and cultural acceptance, antiquated or misdirected concerns for health issues from the turn of the century when condoms were of inadequate performance standards and types unsuitable for the business; like lam skin which has a permeable medium . Before you go off on a rant about disease concerns, my point has more to do with the WHY about prostitution being illegal as a historical matter in the first place. Times and practices changed. Street level prostitution, and gang influenced activity may lead to forced conditions, unsanitary conditions, funds drug business etc. These are the real areas of concern. Legalizing marijuana as in Amsterdam, by the way leads to more drug driven prostitution to earn the money to buy pot. By the way, prostitution is legal in Amsterdam and guess what? Many of the caucasian women who participate in it there do so to feed their drug culture. Other soft drugs are legal there. Else, these caucasian women would probably NOT participate on prostitution. Either way, they do so by choice. Note that it isn't a matter of their culture to provide a sexual service to men or women ( male and female couple and lesbians) . In their Western culture, the business has more to do with their drug culture. Continued..........
jbk November 25, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Emily, if you believe that the ladies who work in the establishments are sex slaves, then you greatly uninformed and you have been sold a political line about the topic. If you really think slavery this is the way of these establishments then your contempt for them is misdirected at business owners who in some cases are owner; operators. The women who work in them do so professionally and by choice. This probably surprises you. It is true and correct. I think you are crossing street level activity with those that are run properly as a good, clean , bonafide business providing a service. True, sex slavery exists in many parts of the world. Sex slavery even exists in the USA. But the sex slavery and conditions you describe of have more to do with gangs, drugs and other substance abuse and child issues that are all abhorrent and must be stopped. The view you share also treats to customers as criminals. If they were supporting sex slavery and drug abuse, physical abuse or other issues that sound more like an episode for a feminist movement TV special than the reality of the business, then you would have a valuable point. The typical place that operates in the USA is not included in this and does so with a cultural norm that often comes from nations where the practice is not only legal, but is also clean, safe, disease free and well managed. ~ Continued.......
Josh Goldman January 13, 2013 at 01:59 AM
No, criminals are.


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