Pleasanton Police Launch Campaign to Reduce Auto Break-Ins

The “Hide It, Lock It, or Lose It” program starts this month.

“Hide It, Lock It, or Lose It” logo
“Hide It, Lock It, or Lose It” logo
The Pleasanton Police Department is launching a new crime prevention campaign aimed at reducing the number of preventable property crimes in the city.

These crimes – thefts from unlocked vehicles and burglaries in which items were left in plain view – required 2,220 hours of police resources in 2013 at a cost to taxpayers of well over $250,000.  

“Hide It, Lock It, or Lose It” focuses on reminding those who live, work or play in Pleasanton to remove all items from a vehicle before parking; if that isn’t possible stow items out of sight before parking – and always lock the vehicle.

By simply taking preventative measures, residents can ensure that money is spent on crime fighting efforts. It takes five seconds to remove extra items from a vehicle – and only two seconds to lock it.  

The campaign, which is scheduled to begin in this month and continues through 2015, includes a high visibility advertising campaign, notices to residents, and community  meetings to spread the message: “Hide It, Lock It, or Lose It”. 

***Dana Point Police Services created the Hide It, Lock It, Or Lose It™ program in 2009 in an effort to lower the amount of preventable property crime in their jurisdiction. We are grateful for their willingness to share this awareness campaign. 

—Submitted by Pleasanton Police


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