Residential Burglary Prevention Tips from Pleasanton Police

Police recommend evaluating and upgrading the lighting around your home and making sure your house numbers are easy to see.

From the Pleasanton Police Department Nixle Alerts:

Lighting serves as one of the best, least expensive and easiest to install security options. Here are a few tips to improve the lighting around your home:

  • Make your home look occupied by leaving lights on when you aren’t home.
  • Use a timer for the interior of your home and porch light. This allows you to alternate lighting in the different rooms of your home when you are out. Timed lights can also light up your house right before you come home each night. 
  • Install exterior lighting high enough on the wall to illuminate the front and sides of your home. 
  • Install motion sensor lights. Motion sensor lights might accidentally go on for pets or on windy days, but they add necessary lighting on side yards and driveways. 
  • Display your house number conspicuously and have it well illuminated for police, fire and medical response.

We continue to ask that you be alert and look out for suspicious people and vehicles in your neighborhood.

Be Aware and be Safe!

For more crime prevention tips log onto www.pleasantonpd.org.

Editor's Note:

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