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Employee Who Tied Up Girl Banned From Working in Any Care Facility

Angela Calcagno, the woman who the state says tied up a 2-year-old girl with tape because she wouldn't nap is temporarily banned from working in any state licensed care facility until the investigation is complete.

The preschool employee who the state confirmed tied up a 2-year-old with masking tape because she wouldn't take a nap at the Centerpointe Christian Preschool has been excluded from all licensed care facilities, according to the California Department of Social Services.

In a letter dated Monday, March 11, Angela Calcagno of Livermore is not allowed in any licensed child day care or residential facility and her presence "constitutes a threat to the health and safety of the clients in care."

Calcagno, who hasn't yet been reached for comment, has 15 days to appeal the state's citation.

In a separate letter, Centerpointe was ordered by the department to not allow Calcagno at their facility and that she could not have any contact with clients.

Though Centerpointe has declined to comment on Calcagno directly, church officials said the employee responsible for the taping quit before anyone knew about the incident and before the investigation started on March 4.

Calcagno started working at Centerpointe in June 2008 and is a student at Cal State East Bay studying psychology, according to a staff profile on the Centerpointe website.

"I feel truly blessed to get to be a part of so many amazing children’s lives on a daily basis and be part of such a wonderful preschool," Calcagno wrote in the profile.

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The incident came to light when Calcagno showed a photo she had taken of the bound child sitting on a cot to her former colleagues at a social gathering, according to Centerpointe.

The girl, a child of a teacher at the school at the time, wasn't physically harmed, according to church officials, but Pleasanton Police are investigating. 

The church says it will shut down the school for about five days starting Friday for training and to review procedures.

“We are appalled and shocked that such an incident, if proven to be true, took place. Every human person made in the image of God, all of the children in our care, deserve the highest degree of respect and protection from any action that dehumanizes them,” said Pastor Mike Barris in a statement released to the media Monday afternoon. Watch a video of Barris talking about the incident at the church Tuesday morning here.

Loyal Livermore Mom March 18, 2013 at 04:35 AM
Concerned for Humanity hasn't responded because he/she got served! HA! They got outnumbered by the smart folks on here. :)
Robert March 19, 2013 at 12:41 AM
If you read the article, Ms Calcagno has chosen NOT TO make a statement, even after being asked for her side of the story on SEVERAL OCCASIONS! So, in this case it seems to me she is PLEADING THE FIFTH! Maybe YOU need to read the article before commenting.
Concerned for humanity. March 19, 2013 at 10:14 PM
Oh TG. Your first post was so well put then you join the others in bashing me. Come on now your better than that. Really well put though. If it was a little piece of tape on her nose obviously not an issue. But she bound the child by the hands and feet with it. Maybe we just agree to disagree, but that, in my opinion, is wrong and criminal when you're carrying for other people's children. Sorry everyone was out having a great weekend with the family. Yes I am a parent, thank you for making yourselves look dumb thinking otherwise. My wife and I had a good chuckle about the fact you were so sure of yourselves. Sound familiar?!? Glad now this case is on the district attorney's desk. Things are moving forward. Outnumbered by the smart folks on here? Hardly. TG put his/her statement very well, while you two say isn't tying up someone else's child funny? And when that didn't work, you two attack me, day I don't have kids, etc. That's what immature people do when they don't have an argument. Sounds like an elementary school playground, "well, well your ugly!" Real mature you two. TG, don't ruin your credibility by starting to slander, it's not becoming of you.
Concerned for humanity. March 19, 2013 at 10:18 PM
Bottom line... Binding a child under your supervision by the hands and feet equals criminal prosecution. Which looks like is what she's going to get. Hop on your self righteous pedestals and berate me if you like. Evidently things aren't going your way anyway.
Autumn Johnson May 02, 2013 at 01:13 PM
Update on this story: http://patch.com/A-4bll


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