Employee Who Tied Up Girl Banned From Working in Any Care Facility

Angela Calcagno, the woman who the state says tied up a 2-year-old girl with tape because she wouldn't nap is temporarily banned from working in any state licensed care facility until the investigation is complete.

The preschool employee who the state confirmed tied up a 2-year-old with masking tape because she wouldn't take a nap at the Centerpointe Christian Preschool has been excluded from all licensed care facilities, according to the California Department of Social Services.

In a letter dated Monday, March 11, Angela Calcagno of Livermore is not allowed in any licensed child day care or residential facility and her presence "constitutes a threat to the health and safety of the clients in care."

Calcagno, who hasn't yet been reached for comment, has 15 days to appeal the state's citation.

In a separate letter, Centerpointe was ordered by the department to not allow Calcagno at their facility and that she could not have any contact with clients.

Though Centerpointe has declined to comment on Calcagno directly, church officials said the employee responsible for the taping quit before anyone knew about the incident and before the investigation started on March 4.

Calcagno started working at Centerpointe in June 2008 and is a student at Cal State East Bay studying psychology, according to a staff profile on the Centerpointe website.

"I feel truly blessed to get to be a part of so many amazing children’s lives on a daily basis and be part of such a wonderful preschool," Calcagno wrote in the profile.

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The incident came to light when Calcagno showed a photo she had taken of the bound child sitting on a cot to her former colleagues at a social gathering, according to Centerpointe.

The girl, a child of a teacher at the school at the time, wasn't physically harmed, according to church officials, but Pleasanton Police are investigating. 

The church says it will shut down the school for about five days starting Friday for training and to review procedures.

“We are appalled and shocked that such an incident, if proven to be true, took place. Every human person made in the image of God, all of the children in our care, deserve the highest degree of respect and protection from any action that dehumanizes them,” said Pastor Mike Barris in a statement released to the media Monday afternoon. Watch a video of Barris talking about the incident at the church Tuesday morning here.

Loyal Livermore Mom March 13, 2013 at 04:05 PM
Ok - you know what people, use your heads for a moment. Do you really think for one moment that if this was done as an abusive action, she would REALLY show the parent of the kid the picture herself??? Or could it have been a joke and she was messing around and found it funny enough to show the mom? Think about it. I'm not saying that the action was ok to do, but maybe she was a young teacher that thought this was funny at the time. Pretty sure it was only done for a few seconds, probably just enough to take the picture. Obviously the little kid was not left like that or someone would have heard her crying or seen it happen. BUT no one even knew it happened. She was not the only teacher there at the time. Hence the reason I believe it was only for seconds, maybe minutes if that. And seriously CherrryTrees - the kid was 2. No memory of the incident, therefore no emotional or mental trauma. Settle down folks. You are smearing this young girls name and ruining her life for a mistake she made. The young kid from the preschool is fine. Do you think Angela will be after all of this? Don't jump on the bandwagon of hate when you don't know her and we don't know the whole story.
Lynette Jones-Murphy March 13, 2013 at 05:05 PM
Did the school or church ever make the parents aware of the allegations of sexual harassment that were reported against the director well prior to the taping incident? That the reason the church and childcare wanted to keep it quiet was because the true facts of this case will show Angela made a poor choice which didn't include malice, anger or trying to harm the child. Has anyone thought there was more to this story than what is being told? Like maybe it is a very bad joke that others staff and the mom were involved in. It doesn't make the joke okay at all. Could the tape be transparent tape we use to wrap presents and was put around one time. Could it be that there were numerous people involved even the mother and the pictures were being shown because it was just a very bad decision of a joke. Should Angela be held accountable for her part yes. Should the church and childcare be held accountable for their part yes. Is this being blown up to a lot of lies that are hurting a lot of people...YES!
Loyal Livermore Mom March 13, 2013 at 05:40 PM
Well said Lynette
Tom Ness March 13, 2013 at 06:30 PM
Don't know but Mark is not the head pastor there
Jen March 13, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Has anyone with first hand knowledge regarding the sexual harassment claims reported this to the police department or the state?? These are serious claims that need to be investigated by the appropriate authorities. I'm a deeply concerned parent at Centerpointe and these claims mean nothing if they're not reported. Squabbling amongst ourselves is not going to help anything nor is it going to provide us with the answers we so desperately seek.
PTown Mom March 13, 2013 at 08:51 PM
The director is gone. Whatever claims were made against him are just that - claims. I'm pretty sure if what this director did was serious enough or proven, he would be in trouble right now and the media would be all over that. They're not. If parents of children at Centerpointe are concerned enough about things that may or may not have happened in the past with a person not even at the school anymore, they need to remove their child from the school, find another better suited for their child/family and move on. The school cannot speak about these issues. They are legally bound not to - why don't people understand that?
Concerned for humanity. March 14, 2013 at 01:49 AM
Loyal Livermore Mom, are you SERIOUSLY telling us that this is okay because it was "probably" done as a joke? This is okay because she won't be traumatized or remember because she's only two? Well then, let's tie down people in rest homes to chairs because they have Alzheimer's and won't remember. Come to think about it, I won't call you loyal Livermore Mom. I will call you Mrs Calcagno, because you must be her mother. The fact is your daughter decided to be in a field where she is to be held completely accountable for the actions she takes supervising children. Parents are trusting her to take care of their pride and joys. She blew that trust, and by doing that needs to choose a different career now, and face the possibility of legal recourse. And no matter what you say here, she will have to deal with this on her own, because this was her decision. Not like you didn't help her along. Now you're here defending her like you always do when she does something obviously wrong. Point all the fingers you want at us, taking the easy way out. Cause you, for sure, won't place any of this blame on yourself or your daughter. By the way, Lynette, she bound the child because she wouldn't take a nap. Read further articles. Educate yourself please.
Concerned for humanity. March 14, 2013 at 03:40 AM
Erica, SHE'S IN COLLEGE! She's NOT A KID ANYMORE! Her name and picture's getting plastered because she was caring for other people's children! Not done in a traumatizing way?!? Now we have two people here who think tying up a two year old is not traumatizing to the child or family, unbelievable. If the two year old was an adult, it would be kidnapping. If she were in a rest home, it would be elder abuse. But since she's two, it's a joke. This is why my name is concerned for humanity, thanks for proving my point.
Loyal Livermore Mom March 14, 2013 at 05:01 AM
Thank you Erica for having a brain and seeing things with common sense. Which apparently is not so common anymore. And you for ACTUALLY reading what I wrote because I did in fact say that is was NOT okay. Concernend for humanity - I am not her Mother, but thank you for making yourself look dumb by thinking you knew who I was and addressing me as her Mother. Made me chuckle that you were so sure of yourself. And like Erica said, what if the girl was laughing? Ummm, my kids have tied each other up and thought it was hilarious. Kids think this kind of thing is funny. It's not like she was tied up for days without food and water and was being treated abusively. Bottom line, I know her and her family - this was NOT done in a harmful manner, but as a joke that took a wrong turn.
Concerned for humanity. March 14, 2013 at 07:26 AM
Well, I was half right, you are defending your friend and her family. Knew you knew them somehow. "employee who tied up kid for not taking a nap" is what it reads. I'm so sorry for the both of you, thinking this, even as a joke is okay. I will say it again. Your kids, fine. Your joke, fine. Your way of punishment, not fine. Your way to handle your child when they don't want to nap, not okay. Your daycare's way of handling a child not napping, again, not okay. I shouldn't have to say this. You two should have more common sense. "Kids think this kind of thing is funny." "Was she smiling or upset? Was she laughing or crying?" "It's not like she was tied up for days without food and water." DOES IT REALLY MATTER WHEN IT'S YOUR CHILD? Bottom line, I don't care if you know her and the family. All you know is what they told you, which is what is expected to be said when she's staring at a criminal case. "It was just a joke". Your friend tied up a two year old with tape because she wouldn't take a nap. No matter what you say, she shouldn't be around other people's children. THAT, loyal Livermore Mom, is the bottom line.
Concerned for humanity. March 14, 2013 at 07:30 AM
Hilarious too, saying I made myself look dumb. Your defending your friend who taped up a two year old! I'd have to say something pretty damn stupid to compete with that!
Loyal Livermore Mom March 14, 2013 at 02:33 PM
You are not half right about anything. All you believe is what the media circus is feeding you, and you are taking the bait and swallowing it. I'm more "Concerned for your humanity" if you base your judgement on the news. Because we all know NOTHING is ever exaggerated with the media EVER. Good job.
Cathy March 14, 2013 at 08:38 PM
There is so much more to this story.... Question that I’m sure will never be answered "Why did it take the Mother of the little girl 1 MONTH to file a complaint? If I saw a picture of my child or any other child tied up I would re-act instantly. I also find it strange the mother hasn’t come forward and said anything. This all leads to a couple of questions 5 teachers have quit.... Why is that??? There are Sexual harassment complaints that were filed prior to this allegation by multiple staff including Angela Calcagno. If this isn’t retaliatory then why did it take this mother so long to come forward and make a complaint? Everyone has made their judgments without having all the facts. A fact that is over looked here is that she hasn’t been arrested or charged with any crime. That should say it all.
Concerned for humanity. March 15, 2013 at 07:56 AM
All I believe is what the media is telling me? IT'S CONFIRMED SHE TAPED UP A TWO YEAR OLD. You think it should be okay because you know her and her family? I should just take your word for it that it was a joke because she grew up around the corner from you? PLEASE. Numerous people I talked to, including a social worker mind you, think at the very least she should be banned from ever supervising kids ever again. See, loyal Livermore Mom, no one cares who her family is, what school she attended, how well you know her, or what she eats for breakfast. She is going to be held accountable for her actions. That's what happens when you make mistakes like this. You probably think drunk drivers should go to jail, unless it's your husband. Probably think addicts too should be put in prison, until it happens to your son. Probably think abortion is wrong, until your sixteen year old is pregnant. Get off your self righteous, pompous, holier than thou high horse you are spouting here, and come to terms with words like accountability, responsibility and reason. Feel free to respond after you tie up your child as a joke for getting into your bleach again. Disgusting.
Concerned for humanity. March 15, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Hilarious. I don't work with her, she's a family friend. Not like your friends who tie up kids. Anything to discredit me, I get it. My point was you two are the basket cases here. I have bizarre rants and all you can say is something you dreamed up in that little brain of yours? Real mature Erica. But hey, this issue is just a big misunderstood joke huh. I don't expect you to understand you need help, the crazies never do. But I do have a number for ya when you realize it.
Kayla Atwell March 15, 2013 at 07:26 PM
I was interviewed on Tuesday afternoon by NBC before knowing anything about the story except from what the news crew told me. I didn't know it was Angela, who I know personally. The media has maliciously turned this into something worse than it was. Angela has been around my children numerous times and I would trust her with their lives. She would never do anything to harm a child. Both of my kids absolutely adore her, as do I. Unfortunately the issue has been turned into something that it's entirely not. I know she is innocent and loved her job more than anything. Obviously she wouldn't have shown anyone the picture (including the girls mother) if she truthfully was harming the child.
Loyal Livermore Mom March 15, 2013 at 10:41 PM
Concerned for humanity - you are one egg short of an omelet. I'm sorry, I don't understand one thing you are trying to say. What part of I NEVER SAID IT WAS OKAY TO DO did you not read??? The point I was making was that if it were done in an abusive manner, SHE WOULDN'T HAVE SHOWN THE PICTURE TO THE CHILDS MOTHER!!! What are you NOT getting about that??? You are making yourself look like an idiot making all these assumptions about me - a drunk husband, an addicted child, a pregnant teenager? What on God's green earth ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Talk about sheer craziness. Sheesh.
Concerned for humanity. March 16, 2013 at 02:53 AM
Funny. If you actually read what I stated earlier, I wasn't saying you actually had those issues. But if you did, you wouldn't want them to take responsibility. The big issue with you is whether she did it as a joke or being abusive. What I'm telling you is it doesn't matter. What aren't you getting about that? She's a psychology student, and showed the picture to the mother. Could have been a joke or she's extremely twisted. Either way, keep her from kids and put her away. You said in your first post it was"probably"only for a few seconds, in addition to the child was two, no emotional damage, so we shouldn't smear her name or ruin her career. This smearing of her name all over the news and ruining of her career is her own fault and no one elses. Keep her away from kids and give her jail time. Make an example out of her. Just because she's your friend doesn't mean that ALL the rest of us care. But hey, I'm the one who's crazy. If everyone around you is crazy, maybe it's not us.
Loyal Livermore Mom March 16, 2013 at 03:35 AM
Gonna take a wild guess here......you don't have kids do you?
TG March 16, 2013 at 03:55 AM
Some facts are in order. The State restricts anyone from working in any care facility once they are accused of impropriety - it is NOT a statement of their guilt or innocence. It is a prudent action to take until a full investigation is completed. It is HORRIBLE that the Patch and readers here are taking this action by the State as some sort of conviction on the actions of Ms. Calcagno. The child was not "taped up" because she wouldn't take a nap. It was nap time at the school, the child was not sleepy so she approached Ms. Calcagno and told her she was unable to sleep. Ms. Calcagno happened to be taping up some artwork and had a piece of tape in her hand. As a joke she put the tape on the child's nose and the child laughed - so Ms. Calcagno continued to put tape on the girl in various places and the girl continued to laugh about it. Then they took a picture, which was later shown to the child's parent - who reacted positively at the time. The only reason this incident has even come to light is that Ms. Calcagno filed a sexual harassment complaint against Centrepointe and its former director. In retaliation Centrepointe has gone out of its way to make the story about this taping incident and Ms. Calcagno rather than the school's problems and the inappropriate actions of its former director and his lack of qualifications for the job he had.
TG March 16, 2013 at 04:02 AM
Concerned for Humanity and the rest of the posters here who have maliciously and wrongfully convicted this young girl should be ashamed of themselves. My only hope is that in the future they will think twice before posting such negative comments regarding a story they know nothing about. Posters like that are the truly sad, sick people in this world.
TG March 16, 2013 at 04:39 AM
Erica, I'm sure the church believes it is deflecting attention from itself and onto Ms. Calcagno. I'll bet the church believes the public will hold only Ms. Calcagno accountable for the taping incident while the sexual harassment and other problems will be overlooked. Unfortunately the Patch and commenters here are only exacerbating the problem by only reporting or commenting on the salacious news and not the important news. Another man is charged with sexual harassment by female employees...blah, blah, blah. Wait? What? An employee taped a child who couldn't sleep and the State has banned the employee from working with kids? NOW THAT'S NEWS! If the Patch had ANY journalistic integrity WHATSOEVER they would have made it clear the State's actions were a standard response to a complaint of abuse. Instead their headline and article make it sound as if the State has already determined that Ms. Calcagno's actions were inappropriate or even illegal (they were NOT and the State has made no such determination and probably never will). I hope that EVERYONE who has leaped to conclusions and convicted innocent people without all the facts will one day be placed in a similar predicament. Then they too can feel the sting of knives in the back from people who know NOTHING of which they speak.
Loyal Livermore Mom March 16, 2013 at 06:13 AM
Good stuff TG and Erica. As a character witness for Angela, she would never do harm to any child in any manner. She loved to goof off with kids, she loves children deeply, she would protect them with her life. Knowing her as well as I do only proves to me that the school and media (and people "concerned with humanity) are going ballistic and its sad. They are using her as a scapegoat.
Speedie B March 17, 2013 at 05:46 PM
Well said, TG. The media is powerful and can slant news to get headlines without having all the facts. Writing retractions after harming someone's reputation means nothing because damage has already been done. And if you think the police are going to spend any time against sexual harrassment cases, I doubt it. They are busy trying to make them go away quickly because there are more violent crimes they need to address. Since there is no Internal Affairs Dept. or civilian oversight committee to make sure these type of cases are prosecuted, the LPD can decide whether or not to pursue. So with the church not wanting the publicity of what the director may/may not have been doing and the police not wanting to allocate resources towards it and there is no accountability to make them do it, I'm sure they welcome the distraction of throwing Angela under the bus.
TG March 18, 2013 at 02:47 AM
I guess Concerned for Humanity isn't so concerned anymore. Or she's too embarrassed at her stupidity to come back on here and apologize for leaping to conclusions regarding a story and a person she knows nothing about. Typical cowardly behavior.
Loyal Livermore Mom March 18, 2013 at 04:35 AM
Concerned for Humanity hasn't responded because he/she got served! HA! They got outnumbered by the smart folks on here. :)
Robert March 19, 2013 at 12:41 AM
If you read the article, Ms Calcagno has chosen NOT TO make a statement, even after being asked for her side of the story on SEVERAL OCCASIONS! So, in this case it seems to me she is PLEADING THE FIFTH! Maybe YOU need to read the article before commenting.
Concerned for humanity. March 19, 2013 at 10:14 PM
Oh TG. Your first post was so well put then you join the others in bashing me. Come on now your better than that. Really well put though. If it was a little piece of tape on her nose obviously not an issue. But she bound the child by the hands and feet with it. Maybe we just agree to disagree, but that, in my opinion, is wrong and criminal when you're carrying for other people's children. Sorry everyone was out having a great weekend with the family. Yes I am a parent, thank you for making yourselves look dumb thinking otherwise. My wife and I had a good chuckle about the fact you were so sure of yourselves. Sound familiar?!? Glad now this case is on the district attorney's desk. Things are moving forward. Outnumbered by the smart folks on here? Hardly. TG put his/her statement very well, while you two say isn't tying up someone else's child funny? And when that didn't work, you two attack me, day I don't have kids, etc. That's what immature people do when they don't have an argument. Sounds like an elementary school playground, "well, well your ugly!" Real mature you two. TG, don't ruin your credibility by starting to slander, it's not becoming of you.
Concerned for humanity. March 19, 2013 at 10:18 PM
Bottom line... Binding a child under your supervision by the hands and feet equals criminal prosecution. Which looks like is what she's going to get. Hop on your self righteous pedestals and berate me if you like. Evidently things aren't going your way anyway.
Autumn Johnson (Editor) May 02, 2013 at 01:13 PM
Update on this story: http://patch.com/A-4bll


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