Three Arrested in Interrupted Residential Burglary

Police found the suspects after getting several 911 calls of two men casing and jumping fences. The third suspect was concealed in a car. Pleasanton Police are praising residents who called to report the suspicious activity.

From the Pleasanton Police Department:

At approximately 11:26 a.m. officers responded to the area of Blacow Street and Valley Avenue on a citizen’s report of a “suspicious looking” black Chrysler 300 sedan. The caller advised dispatchers that the vehicle’s occupants were getting out, knocking on doors and appeared to be “casing” the area. Upon arrival, an officer observed the described vehicle at the end of Blacow Court, solely occupied by a man who was talking on a cell phone and attempting to conceal himself by lying down in the driver’s seat.

Within a minute or so police dispatchers began receiving several 9-1-1 calls of two men vaulting fences and running through yards in the same area. Two individuals who matched their descriptions were seen by a contractor fleeing out of a yard on Hall Court. They were subsequently spotted by another officer as they ran eastbound on Valley Avenue, just east of Blacow Street. The two men were stopped and detained pending further investigation.

As officers were engaged with the driver of the Chrysler, as well as the two men who had run from the area, a third officer checked the back yard of a home on Blacow Street and observed several indications of forced entry attempts. The home backs up to the rear yard of the Hall Court home from which two of the men had fled. Witnesses positively identified all three subjects and were also able to place them together in the Chrysler sedan initially reported by the citizen who called.

At this time no other homes appear to have been entered and it is unknown if any property was actually taken. Arrested for burglary and booked into Santa Rita Jail were 18-year-old Keandre Valentine, 20-year-old Torin Armbrust and 20-year-old Kenneth Joseph, Jr., all Oakland residents.

Persons who may have witnessed any of the foregoing, or have information that may assist the ongoing investigation, are encouraged to contact the Police Department directly at (925) 931-5100 and reference Case 12-33135.

This case is an outstanding example of vigilant citizens partnering with the police department to ensure the overall safety of our community.


Trenae September 05, 2012 at 03:49 PM
@ Steve you can't go around profiling people. That's the exact reason why Zimmerman is on trial. You can't dictate who lives in what neighborhood based on how they look.
Dr Tom September 05, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Who cares what it's called? I can spot someone who isn't from, and most likely has no business being in, my neighborhood. I'd rather use my profiling skills and call the police, than have my door (and head) bashed in. Or should I just lower my blinds and figure all is well as long as it's not my house?
Voter with an ID September 05, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Dr., apparently Pleasanton Parent is either being PC or has a naive sense of safety, knowing full well these guys drove here from Oakland to steal property and possibly injure Pleasanton residents. "Residents notice suspicious activity"? That's exactly what I'm talking about. What would you have thought? Oh, what nice young boys going door to door handing out Watchtower books? LOL OK, pretend these guys didn't stick out in Pleasanton for more than one good reason. In your words, it's perverted, but to the rest of us, it's common sense.
Shuye September 06, 2012 at 02:58 AM
What color?
SNS September 07, 2012 at 08:13 PM
I live in the Country Fair neighborhood and on Tuesday night at 8:30pm a kid knocked on my door. I answered it and he was acting really sketchy. He appeared to be around 12. He told me he was going door to door trying to earn money to buy an iPhone. He was swaying side to side and getting really close to my door. I very quickly told him I wasn't interested and closed the door. I asked a couple neighbors if he'd came to their house, they all said no. I feel like he was casing my house. I live on a corner of a court and it's a pretty easy target.


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