Four Men Facing Real Estate and Conspiracy Charges

One of the defendants, William Hogarty, a well-known former Livermore mortgage broker who had a Pleasanton business as well, also charged with perjury and had already been charged with assault and grand theft in another case.

A former Livermore mortgage broker, who was already in legal trouble, is facing numerous new charges, including 12 counts of real estate fraud, three counts of criminal conspiracy and one count of perjury, the Pleasanton Weekly reports.

William Hogarty, 49, was arrested when he showed up for his preliminary hearing on Monday in an assault case related to an attack on a former roommate at his Livermore home. Hogarty was arrested in that case last July.

Now Hogarty, who also did business under OF Lending Group in Pleasanton, which is now closed, is facing a dozen grand theft charges and has also been sued by nearly two dozen people who claim Hogarty defrauded them.

The Pleasanton Weekly reports:

The (court) documents also claim Hogarty and co-defendants James Allen Rivera Jr., Gregory Wayne Lomba and James Torpey conspired to defraud people of their property, that they conspired to commit false advertising, and conspired to collect advance fees.

The four are also charged with 12 counts of grand theft, for taking more than $69,000 from clients who hoped to save their homes.

OF Lending is accused of bilking Bay Area homeowners out of millions of dollars by promising "short pay" refinances.

Lomba is believed to have lived in Livermore but now may be living in Palo Alto. The case is now being handled by Alameda County's real estate fraud division.

Hogarty, who was the state bodybuilding champion in 2004, was well-known throughout the Tri-Valley for his extravagant parties at his Livermore mansion before his legal troubles.

If you only knew May 13, 2013 at 03:02 AM
Sociopath.......yep, that fits.
casey May 13, 2013 at 05:39 PM
Greg is a demon - eveil as they come - very sad indeed the people he has ruined or tried to ruin. Is he actually in prison now. He has been there before for drug related charges. Curious to know if the world is safe from him for a while.
If you only knew May 14, 2013 at 02:51 AM
He's out on bail. $100K I think. I don't know how he got a license to sell insurance if he has one since he has other convictions and had his real estate license revoked many years ago.
If you only knew May 14, 2013 at 03:05 AM
Mr. Hogarty: Were you "truly sorry" when you listed the people named as victims in the charges filed when you tried to claim them in your bankruptcy as creditors? Why wait to tell the truth until after the charges are resolved? Wouldn't you be inclined to tell the truth to the courts instead of lying to them which led to the perjury charge you now face? You should come clean, admit what you did and accept the consequences so everyone can move on. These are not rumors, something you know, and something your co-conspirators admitted to the DA and/or under oath in a federal proceeding. Please do post the check you gave Ms. Jacobs as proof you kept part of the feed you defrauded her out of for yourself. I'm sure the DA would appreciate it too.
If you only knew May 14, 2013 at 03:15 AM
Mr. Hogarty: Were you "truly sorry" when you listed the victims named in these charges in your fraudulent bankruptcy that was thrown out in an attempt to make it impossible for them to seek refunds from you? Why wait to tell the truth until after this is over? Wouldn't you want to tell the courts the truth before this is settled? Which version of the truth should we expect to hear? The version you told the DOJ that led to the perjury charges against you? You've not been silent at all and your previous comments over the last two years are all over this web site and many others. You are still not a victim no matter how hard you try to make yourself out to be. Please tell the truth to the courts, admit what you did and accept the consequences so everyone can move on. Your co-conspirators have apparently spilled it and it appears that the hundreds of thousands of tax payer money spent on audits of you supports what they've said. Be honest and then throw yourself at the mercy of the courts. And don't do anyone any favors by not "going public" with your latest version of the "truth" until the charges are settled. If the truth is so angelic, why wouldn't you use the "truth" as a defense to these criminal charges?


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