Candidates Talk About the New Ideas They Bring to the Table

Stay tuned as we share answers to questions Patch sent to the City Council and Mayoral candidates.

What new ideas are you bringing to the table?

Cheryl Cook-Kallio

Guaranteed, locally controlled funding for transportation projects that cannot be siphoned off by the State and Federal governments. Measure B1 will make our county a magnet for business development while other counties will have to go beg for non-existent transportation dollars in Sacramento and Washington. Areas with unmitigated traffic congestion cannot attract new businesses!

Strive towards jobs-housing balance with planning that improves our quality of life, economic vitality, and our children's future.

Jerry Thorne

A number of the ideas are discussed in my answers to the first question. However, I also have experience with proven professional management techniques that will better hold accountable staff and Council alike so that evaluations by the public can be based on facts rather than perceptions.

Karla Brown

I have lots of ideas, but I expect my BEST ideas will come from listening to the people that live in Pleasanton now. Although I have had some significant successes in local government, I want to be a candidate that truly listens to the people, reviews in person - the site of a project and does my homework before all city council meetings. You picked Pleasanton as you place to live; work and play, and I want to be on your side.

Erlene DeMarcus

Did not submit a response.

Jerry Pentin

I'll be the first to say that if it's not broke, don't fix it.  Outside of our main issue of pension reform I think that Pleasanton is in really good shape.  I am the type to think and act proactively versus reactively.  I am not afraid to bring up the difficult issues of the day and deal with them.  I truly believe my time in the U.S.Marines gave me the skills to deal with issues and the backbone to back up my decisions.  But I am youth oriented and think bringing the future of our youth back into the picture here in Pleasanton is important.  Building the 2nd phase of the Bernal Sports fields including the Oak Woodlands option (kids can play in parks as well as compete in them!) is one of my main priorities.

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