Chamber Endorses Thorne for Mayor and Pentin, DeMarcus for City Council

The endorsements are based on the recent candidates forum in September.

From the: Pleasanton Chamber’s Business and Community Political Action Committee

The Pleasanton Chamber’s Business and Community Political Action Committee
(BACPAC) is pleased to announce its endorsements for Mayor and City Council in this November’s election.

Decisions were based on interviews with all candidates and a recent public forum sponsored by the BACPAC in which candidates addressed priorities and answered questions rooted in Pleasanton 2015: A Community Vision, the Chamber’s local public policy platform with goals for the economy, jobs, education, transportation, public safety, health, housing, arts, leadership, culture and recreation.

Mayor’s Race:

We believe Jerry Thorne’s extensive business experience makes him the right
leader at the right time for challenges that lie ahead for Pleasanton. His 40-
plus years in the private sector best qualifies him to set the tone for public policy associated with economic development, job creation, fiscal accountability.

As a Council member he has sought to consolidate regional government agencies, retain local control for cities, and been an advocate for guidelines to provide clarity and confidence to businesses wanting to expand in downtown.

The community is fortunate to have both Cheryl Cook-Kallio and Jerry Thorne on the Pleasanton City Council for two more years, regardless who wins the Mayor’s seat in November. Their strengths are different, but their voting records are similar.

Both Thorne and Cook-Kallio received our endorsement for Council in the past
for being hardworking, conscientious advocates for the best interests of the total community.

City Council Race:

Jerry Pentin and Erlene DeMarcus bring a combination of experiences, are most
closely aligned with Chamber goals articulated in Pleasanton 2015: A Community Vision, and in our view are best qualified to help Pleasanton remain the Bay Area’s best place to live, work and raise a family.

Jerry Pentin
Jerry Pentin has demonstrated passion for Pleasanton and high regard for the
best interests of the total community through his many years of service as a Parks Commissioner, Planning Commissioner and as a member of such committees and task forces as Veterans’ Memorial Building Renovation, Firehouse Arts Center, Callippe Preserve, Downtown Arts and Hospitality.

As current Chairman of the Planning Commission, Pentin has earned a reputation for doing his homework, treating people fairly, using common-sense as a guide and not shying away from tough decisions.

As owner of a local small business for 28 years and 20+ years participation in
Rotary, Pentin has put time and talent as a videographer to work for countless
philanthropic causes and youth organizations in the area.

Erlene DeMarcus
As a former representative to the B.A.R.T. Board, Erlene DeMarcus established a
reputation for getting things done. Many cite her tireless efforts to bring divergent interests together, secure funding and hold people accountable as primary reasons for BART’s first expansion to be here in the Tri-Valley.

With many years of experience as a transportation consultant, DeMarcus brings
expertise in transportation funding, administration and the political savvy needed to help solve growing problems associated with regional peak-hour commute traffic in the Tri-Valley. She should be particularly effective with Pleasanton’s ongoing efforts to complete Highway 84, and extend El Charro Road to Stanley Boulevard.

Her hard working, straight-shooting approach earned DeMarcus the respect of
conservatives and liberals, builders and environmentalists alike throughout our region, and we are pleased to support her candidacy for City Council.

Karla Brown and Michael Harris
Karla Brown has done considerable homework, and learned a lot about the
community since her first attempt at elective office two years ago; we commend her for it.

Serving on the East Pleasanton Specific Plan Task Force for the next 12-18 months will provide an opportunity for Brown to acquire important experience balancing the wants of any given neighborhood with the needs of the greater community. It may also provide her an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to meeting Pleasanton’s obligation for a Certified General Plan Housing Element.

Michael Harris (listed first on the ballot) has dropped out of the race to accept new employment out of the area. It is unfortunate his name and campaign statement remain on the ballot. We urge you to share the news of his late scratch from the race with friends, neighbors and associates.


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