Council Candidates on the Achievement That Has Prepared Them for City Council

Stay tuned as we share answers to questions Patch sent to the City Council and Mayoral candidates.

Tell us about the achievement you are most proud of that has also prepared you for this position.

Cheryl Cook-Kallio

There are many of which I am proud but they all stem from my position on Stoneridge Drive when I first ran for city council in 2006. At the time I was told that my position was political suicide. However it was the right thing to do.

Shortly after I was elected I proposed that we do a traffic study BEFORE we voted to take Stoneridge Drive out of the General Plan. It supported the connection and resulted in the eminent completion of the connection AND the annexation of Staples Ranch to Pleasanton.

This experience reinforces what I believe, that it is important to make decisions for ALL of Pleasanton.  I am charged with doing the right thing for the city without regard to political expediency. With that decision and subsequent decisions I know that my job is to balance the desires and needs of all of Pleasanton.

I have enjoyed the support of every segment of the community, from members of the Chamber of Commerce, business owners, developers, parks and trails advocates, members of the different unions as well as residents who don’t fit any of these descriptors. I think it speaks volumes that sometimes competing interests all agree that I am accessible, do my own research, make decisions based on fact and then go on to next issue.

Jerry Thorne

Leadership of a grass roots effort that resulted in the 50 meter pool at the Aquatic Center, leadership of two task forces that resulted in the sports fields on Bernal and the Alviso Adobe, leadership of the East Bay Division of the League of California Cities (elected officials from Alameda and Contra Costa Counties) that resulted in a successful Prop. 22 (saved local funding from being taken by the State Legislature). There are many other examples of results oriented leadership rather than going along to get along.

Karla Brown

In 2008 and again in 2010, I was one of the leaders that led a citizen’s based group that gathered over 10,000 voter signatures to put both a strict protection ordinance, and a controversial ridgeline development on the ballot. When the voters got the chance to weigh-in, they overwhelmingly put new and strict ridgeline protection in place throughout Pleasanton!

In addition, I am currently a member of the East Pleasanton Side Plan. We are looking at options for the land often referred to as the Chain-of-Lakes between Pleasanton and Livermore. There are 3 lakes in the 1000 acre region. Options are limitless.

As noted above, expansion and growth should be gradual and well planned. What is decided today, may affect Pleasanton forever. I do not believe the majority of Pleasanton voters want wall to wall houses and high rise apartments, no trees and limited parks. I will work to prevent that from happening.

Erlene DeMarcus

Did not submit a response.

Jerry Pentin

I can honestly point to the Firehouse Arts Center, the Veteran's Building renovation and the Callippe Preserve Golf Course and say "I helped build that". So I'm very proud of those projects.  But for me personally, I raised my daughter Joi (with copious amounts of help from her mother, Josine) in Pleasanton, she went through the public schools, is now a senior at Cal and will graduate in the spring.  Being her father, staying the course, learning at every curve...those experiences have prepared me for this position or for that matter, any position.

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