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Candidates on What Sets Them Apart from the Rest

Stay tuned as we share answers to questions Patch sent to the City Council and Mayoral candidates.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

Cheryl Cook-Kallio

I am not afraid to raise or discuss potentially controversial issues if I believe they are important for our community to address. I welcome input from all perspectives, and consider it seriously before making decisions.

As a teacher, I understand and support the desire of residents to maintain and improve the quality of education in Pleasanton's schools. While this is primarily a school district responsibility, there are many ways the City can support education in our community.

I am an open space and pedestrian and bike trails advocate.  I want  accessible open space that provides recreational opportunities for families .

Residents find me highly accessible and responsive. I return most calls and e-mails within 12 hours or less. I also reach out for input from community members whom I feel can offer insight on matters before the Council.

I have developed excellent leadership skills as well as excellent working relationships with all of the other County, State, and Federal officials elected by Pleasanton's voters. This ensures that individual residents' and community needs can be addressed expeditiously.

Jerry Thorne

1. Seventeen years of public service experience (10 years as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner plus 7 years as a member of the City Council)
2. Over forty years of experience in the private sector with the last 26 serving in a senior management role with a Fortune 100 company.
3. A proven track record of results oriented leadership.
4. A proven ability to work with business and government to attract and retain the kind of businesses that Pleasanton wants.

This combination of public and private sector experience and success in leadership uniquely qualifies me to lead the City of Pleasanton into the future and accept personal responsibility and accountability for the actions that must be taken.

Karla Brown

I am very different on many key issues; I offer BOTH a platform of slow growth plus fiscal responsibility
for the City of Pleasanton. Here are details:

1. I am the only candidate for City Council that has not sought any endorsements from City Employee Unions. The City Council determines compensation for these employees, and therefore, I see it as a clear conflict of interest to seek their endorsement. So if you do not see my name on a flier or ad from the Police or Firemen, you will know why.

2. I am the only candidate that is a SLOW GROWTH advocate. I am the only candidate (for council or Mayor) that is endorsed by the Sierra Club.

3. Of the 3 candidates for City Council, I was the only leader for bringing strict citizen-driven RIDGELINE & OPEN SPACE protections, and a controversial ridgeline development to a vote of the people. Both measures were overwhelmingly approved by you, the citizens of Pleasanton. Both of my competitors lobbied against these important ballot measures.

4. And finally, I am the only candidate that has placed safeguarding our HISTORIC DOWNTOWN HOMES & NEIGHBORHOODS as a key goal for my role on the council. Together with our downtown businesses and homeowners, we can develop a thriving downtown community which is balanced with the needs of our local residents.

Erlene DeMarcus

Did not submit a response.

Jerry Pentin

I think what sets me apart is my experience and leadership I will bring to the Council.  I won't go over all the various appointments, committees I've served nor my community service but I think my history in Pleasanton proves I've got the background and with that, the proven leadership to serve this community.

In case you missed it:

Council Candidates on the Most Challenging Issue in Pleasanton

tc October 27, 2012 at 01:05 AM
Pleasanton needs a TEEN CENTER for kids who don't play sports and are into tech, art and other areas of interest. A program involving "the other majority of teens in Pleasanton" ... the crowd that doesn't go to church, the crowd that doesn't play sports... a Teen Center for these kids would be appropriate. Maybe involve some programs to show kids what career paths they could take. Maybe involve mentor groups to grow these kids. Then maybe there would be less trouble, theft and suicide....
tc October 27, 2012 at 01:05 AM
Which candidate is going to push this idea? The current mayor shows no interest in this area. "Save Our Kids"


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