Hercules Council To Consider Censuring De Vera

A citizen requested that the councilwoman's colleagues pass a resolution criticizing her alleged attempts to stifle opinion on Patch.

The Hercules City Council will consider a resolution Tuesday censuring councilwoman Myrna de Vera “for actions detrimental to the city of Hercules.” In September, de Vera apologized for contacting a city engineer in Pinole about blog comments made by a contractor doing business with Pinole.

De Vera denied that she attempted to silence Kent Von Aspern after he posted comments on Pinole-Hercules Patch, but she did regret that her “actions have caused the perception of a concerted effort to stifle a citizen’s free speech rights.”

The censure would require de Vera to pay $1,000 fine and forfeit her upcoming turn as vice-mayor, according to the Contra Costa Times. 

Chris Tallerico requested that the council discuss the resolution. 

Joseph Catindig November 20, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Regarding Romero.... not want you want to hear but he has a lot to do with what's going on right now in that council. No solid proof is not true, in fact, it's the opposite. I do not hear West County Times writing about it or anyone complaining about them. For example, his gallant effort to shut the legal ad hoc committee down together with his council member/friends assisted by a "citizen," with total disregard of the countless hours the volunteers have put in to that committee. Lots of proof here but never saw it in the papers. This and a lot more but I won't even waste my time writing about it.
Joseph Catindig November 20, 2012 at 06:43 AM
Well, I just said I want to end the race issue but you keep on and on about it...Okay! Again, you have put words in my mouth. Again, I am not the one who started the race issue in this thread...I am merely responding to other's posts. Nowhere in posts claimed that DeVera was being attacked about Von Aspern's issue because of her race. Am I not speaking in English here that you seem to not understand what I'm trying to say, George B.?
Joseph Catindig November 20, 2012 at 06:49 AM
@George B. "but it does not apply here in reality and filipinos are not the only ones who have been targeted" Who else has been targeted George B.? Let's hear it.
Joseph Catindig November 20, 2012 at 06:56 AM
George B., I think it is you who really needs to get over yourself!
Giorgio C. November 21, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Councilwoman De Vera should resign from the Waste Water Committee if she cares for the cities of Pinole and Hercules. She should have the sensitivity to place the welfare of the cities before her own personal interests. She should do this, not as a punitive measure to herself, but for the purpose of recognizing that business as usual cannot continue unless she takes this action.


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