Pooches in Pools in Pleasanton?

They can be if they go to the "Doggy Dip at the Aquatic Center" event on September 3 at the Dolores Bengtson Aquatic Center. Interested parties must preregister.

In one last hurrah for the , dogs can take a dip in one of the pools at the aquatic center on September 3 before the swim center renovation begins.

Michelle Stearns, the Aquatics & Special Events Supervisor for the Pleasanton Community Services, says the idea is courtesy of her boss, Susan Andrade-Wax, the Director of Community Services.

"Since we are closing down for the remodel, we thought we would do a 'doggy dip' for fun," said Stearns. "After doing some research, we discovered the closest 'doggy dipping' opportunities are in the Sacramento area." 

According to Stearns, the dogs will take a swim in the "shallow, two-and-a-half foot deep pool" and they will provide a ramp for dogs that are not ready to "jump right in."

Although the free event is open to residents and non-residents, Stearn says the event will be only open to those who have preregistered with her by email. Those interested must sign a waiver and show proof of a dog license to participate.

Stearns says that because this is a controlled event, no walk-ins will be allowed.

Email Stearns at: mstearns@cityofpleasantonca.gov is you are interested in registering.

"There are already 32 dogs with owners registered and about 130 interested parties have emailed me," commented Stearns. "There will be four, 30 minute sessions with 30 dogs per session."

in Pleasanton will be at the event.

According to the rules, lifeguards will be on duty for the event but available for human rescues only.

Is your pooch going to take the doggy dip? Tell us in the comments section below. Send us your pics.

Rules for the doggy dip are listed below:

Doggy Dip Rules, Policies & Procedures

All handlers must provide proof of a current dog license from the City/County in which they reside, prior to the event, and must be on file with the City along with a signed waiver. Waivers and copies dog licenses will not be accepted at the time of the event.

Dogs will be divided into one of four sessions; 5:00 – 5:30pm, 5:40 – 6:10pm, 6:20 – 6:50pm, 7:00 –7:30pm. Session times will be assigned via a priority basis through pre-registration. Please do not show up for a time slot that has not been assigned to you, you will be turned away. A maximum of 30 dogs will be allowed in each session.

Registered handlers will receive one wrist-band to be worn while inside the facility. This wrist-band will indicate that the dog/handler have pre-registered, and will allow the handler direct access to the pool area. A strict one dog/handler rule will be in effect. Those not wearing City-issued wrist-bands may watch from designated areas within the aquatic facility during the entire 30-minute session.

You will receive a confirmation in the mail with your assigned time-slot and wristband. If you have not received a wristband by Friday, August 31st, please call (925) 931-3423.

Please arrive on-time to your assigned session. Those that have not pre-registered before the event will not be permitted in the facility. Once your session time is up, please exit the facility quickly so that the next group may start their session on-time.

Dogs may swim in the shallow pool only. The slide to the shallow pool, racing and diving pools will be strictly prohibited.

A ramp will be available to assist canines in/out of the water. Handlers may use the pool ladders, if necessary.

Adult dog handlers will be allowed in the shallow pool where they may stand in water up to waist-level; but may not swim with their dogs.

Doggie Dip Rules:
1. Only family friendly dogs are allowed.
2. Owners must provide documentation of their dog’s current
rabies vaccination certification (with the expiration date) the day
of the swim or they will NOT be allowed inside the lake area.
3. Owners are responsible for their dogs at ALL times, including
cleaning up after their dogs.

Dogs must be leashed at all times when out of water.

Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their own pet.

Please make sure your dog is well exercised before arriving.

Aggressive dogs, those with obvious infections or diarrhea, or dogs in heat will not be allowed.

Lifeguards will be available in the event of human emergencies only. They will not be available for dog rescues or care. Handlers are responsible for the safety of their own dogs.

Additional pets that have not been registered may not enter the facility.

It is strongly recommended that in addition to a current rabies vaccination, all dogs should also have a current Distemper vaccination (DHPP or DHLPP) before registering for the event.


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