Protecting Pipes from Freezing

Tips from the Dublin San Ramon Services District as the temperature drops

From the Dublin San Ramon Services District:

If you have no water in your home after a very cold night, chances are good that water is frozen in the pipes. Taking a few simple precautions before temperatures drop can help prevent the mess, money, and aggravation of frozen pipes.

  • Hose bibs and exposed pipes on exterior walls are at most risk of freezing. Insulate them with pipe insulation sleeves, UL-listed “heat tape” or “heat cable,” and similar products sold at hardware stores.
  • Winterize hose bibs, pools, and sprinkler systems by shutting valves that supply water to them and draining remaining water from the supply lines.
  • If you will be away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home set to 55ºF.

Visit Frozen Water Pipes (http://www.dsrsd.com/pollprev/frozenwaterpipes.html) on the Dublin San Ramon Services District website for more detailed instructions, as well as tips on thawing frozen pipes and what to do if a pipe breaks. 



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