Supervisor Nate Miley Promises to be Accessible to New Constituents — Pleasanton Residents

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley just inherited Pleasanton during the latest bout of redistricting, replacing Scott Haggerty.

Nate Miley, the veteran Alameda County supervisor who inherited Pleasanton after the , promises that the vastness of his district won't stop him from representing Pleasanton residents and businesses at the county level.

His district now stretches from Oakland to the Tri-Valley and includes 135,000 people in unincorporated Alameda County. Miley has already set up an office in Pleasanton, has met with local officials and has held at least one meet-and-greet.

On Wednesday, he was the keynote speaker at a event.

Miley had come under fire recently for that event. It was to be his introduction to the Pleasanton community and local press had been critical of the fact that it cost $35 to attend.

"Nate Miley is the most accessible local official I've ever met in my life," Supervisor Scott Haggerty said Wednesday. Haggerty was Pleasanton's longtime representative on the county board until September, when Miley took over.

"You don't need $35 to see this guy — he's at farmers' markets, he's at his office, he's met with City Council members, he's here."

Miley, 60, grew up in Maryland, then moved to Oakland after finishing law school. The idea was to work in impoverished neighborhoods as a community organizer and help those people fight City Hall.

Although he worked as a lawyer, Miley said that was never his goal — it was always about helping people and being a "professional rabble rouser."

"And that's the lense through which I see things as an elected official," he said, noting that social services and senior issues are closest to his heart.

"I'm not afraid of working directly with people and like Scott said, I am very accessible," he said.

Miley asked Pleasantonians to meet with him and his staff, or to invite them to events.

"I many not always be able to come, but I'll try."

He said he wants to work on continuing the expansion of Stoneridge Drive, as well as the Highway 84 project, which drew applause from the crowd Wednesday at the Four Points Sheraton.

The supervisor also said he wants to work with small businesses to make sure they can thrive in Pleasanton.

"It's great to have big companies, but if one leaves, it leaves a big gap," he said.  "So I like the idea of focusing on small businesses and helping them be vibrant and active and productive."

He also wants to make sure events at the Alameda County Fairgrounds are productive and wants to interface with public safety agencies out here.

To contact Miley at his Pleasanton office, go to Heritage House at the Fairgrounds, 2nd Floor, 4501 Pleasanton Ave.

Or call his office at 925-803-7959.

Michael Austin October 27, 2011 at 12:28 AM
A 35.00 dollar fee to meet this guy, plus 45.00 dollar fee for lunch and Hggarty said this guy is accessible. Then he offers the media a discount and the voting tax payer gets no discount. I am looking forward to the next election this guy is up for.
KKYen November 07, 2011 at 06:01 AM
"You don't need $35 to see this guy — he's at farmers' markets, he's at his office, he's met with City Council members, he's here" He sounds accessible to me- I shop the Farmers Markets every week, and I know how to dial a phone and call his office- I guess if a guy speaks at an event that costs money it sets a tone- if it is what we want to believe.


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