Pleasanton Unified on "Program Improvement" Despite Meeting API Goals

The school district met 33 of the 38 goals needed for the Local Educational Agency 2011-2012 Adequate Yearly Progress

The Pleasanton Unified School District is now participating in "Program Improvement" with the California Department of Education, along with several other school districts such as San Ramon and Livermore, after failing to meet some of the criteria for the Local Educational Agency 2011-2012 Adequate Yearly Progress.

There are 38 requirements school districts must meet for the Adequate Yearly Progress and Pleasanton Unified met 33 of those 38 requirements.

For the Academic Performance Index or APIs, all of the Pleasanton Schools have reached the standard of over 800. The actual score for PUSD was 915 this year.

The Annual Yearly Progress report showed that six elementary and four secondary schools met 100 percent of their AYP criteria.

Despite meeting the API goals, Pleasanton Unified School District falls short in meeting some of the criteria required for the Adequate Yearly Progress.

According to a presentation given at the recent school board meeting, Pleasanton Unified failed to meet the following APY requirements:

1. AYP in ELA (overall district performance)
2. AYP in Math (overall district performance)
3. AYP in ELA Grade Span
4. AYP in Math Grade Span
5. Graduation Rate- Special Education

In an attempt to improve, the district is implementing a "Nine Essential Program Components" plan.

Confused about the acronyms? We have included a glossary provided by the school district.

What do you think about the district's Program Improvement status? Tell us in the comments section below.


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