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Superintendent’s Message on Proposition 30

Parvin Ahmadi says no further cuts will be made this school year and students will not lose four instructional days, thanks to the passage of Proposition 30.

From Parvin Ahmadi Superintendent of Schools Pleasanton Unified School District:

The Pleasanton Unified School District is extremely pleased by the passage of Proposition 30. With its passage, the State’s trigger cuts will not go into effect.  In addition to the Board-approved spending reductions, PUSD employees had agreed to a possible shortened school year to mitigate the impact of the ongoing budget challenges and the possible State trigger cuts that would have been in effect had the Proposition not passed. We appreciate our employees’ willingness to work with us and plan ahead. 

The passage of Proposition 30 results in a reduction of revenue deferrals that will improve our cash balances by providing $9M in cash this year that would otherwise have been delayed until the next fiscal year.  Based on our agreement with our bargaining units, our students will not lose four instructional days this school year, nor will there be any additional cuts for this school year.

The Governing Board will receive a report on the impact of Proposition 30 at the November 13th Board Meeting. In order to continue our fiscal prudence, the impact of Proposition 30 must be considered as a part of the ongoing budget challenges we have faced from the last five years. This includes the Governor’s Proposed Budget for next year that will be announced by January 15, 2013.

During the next few months, the Leadership Team and staff will work to make recommendations to the Governing Board for next year’s budget. Restoration of any previous budget cuts will be dependent on information received from the Governor’s Proposed Budget and the needs of the District based on our long term vision and strategic plan. As always, there will be opportunities for community members to hear those recommendations and provide feedback during board meetings before the Governing Board makes its decision on next year’s budget. 


Tanya Ludden November 09, 2012 at 07:10 PM
Great news, thank you everyone for supporting proposition 30
Kimberly Halsey November 09, 2012 at 10:04 PM
It would be a lot easier to be happy about the passage of yet another tax increase if school districts around this state would also get rid of the dead weight. Dead weight in the form of bad teachers, dead weight in the form of programs and services that are not working and/or redundant, dead weight in the form of benefits to classified and certificated employees that are way out of step with the private sector. The problem isn't that schools doesn't have enough money...the problems is the money they have is not managed like the private sector and the Unions are given all the power and decision making, or should I say arm twisting and threats! And now that Prop 32 did not pass those same unions are the only ones allowed to use dues to support their personal agendas even if the people paying those dues disagree with them. I do not understand why the good teachers and administrators allow the status quo.
J Bueno November 10, 2012 at 02:32 PM
How naive can you be to listen to the politician's sell you a tax hike. History shows the same tactic with the lottery. Sure the money will go to a fund for schools only, but what keeps them from taking funds already earmarked for schools like they did after the lottery started dumping money into the schools' fund. What is Ca now, 47th or 48th? Good thing is we can't go lower than 50th. Or is that 57th?


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