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Oakland A's Reject Lease Extension at O.co Coliseum

Should a new baseball stadium be built and if so, where? You tell us.

The Oakland A's have rejected a proposal by the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority to extend their lease at the O.co Coliseum for 10 years, the baseball team said.
In a statement, the team didn't say why it is turning down the authority's offer, saying only that, "While the proposal was for 10 years, it did not address all of our issues" and "consequently, we cannot accept the terms of the offer.
The A's said, "We have tried to negotiate in good faith for the past several months. As the authority knows, it is still our preference not to negotiate this agreement through the media."
The A's issued their statement Tuesday night after the Coliseum Authority released a statement saying they had offered the team a 10-year lease to remain at the O.co Coliseum site. The authority said it wouldn't release the terms of its offer to the A's publicly but it had shared them with Major League Baseball.

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley, who chairs the authority, said in the statement, "We wanted to send a clear statement to the A's, the fans, (A's owner) Lew Wolff and Major League Baseball that we want the A's at the O.co Coliseum and want to keep baseball in Oakland." Miley said, "A 10-year extension, lasting through the 2024 season, gives the team a place to call home and our fans and sponsors a window to continue investing their time and passion in this team. We are also working to ensure this deal safeguards county and city taxpayers."
He said, "We are meeting the A's management where they say they want to be and hope to conclude these negotiations quickly."
A key issue dividing the A's and the city of Oakland and Alameda County officials who serve on the Coliseum Authority is whether to build a new baseball stadium in Oakland and where it would be located if it were to be built.
Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and a group of Oakland business leaders are exploring the possibility of building a new waterfront stadium at the Howard Terminal just north of Jack London Square. But Wolff, who previously has tried to move the A's to San Jose, has said he's not interested in having a stadium at that site.

—By Bay City News
Not the Cat April 24, 2014 at 08:41 PM
What are you talking about? The Warriors are moving over bye USF, BART doesn't even go there man.
livermoron April 24, 2014 at 09:08 PM
jow. no good teams to watch? how bout the baseball team that won two titles in three years? or the football team that went to three straight nfc title games? I have to assume your a bitter Oakland fan.
Not the Cat April 24, 2014 at 09:39 PM
^^who invited this stat sheet^^
Jow April 25, 2014 at 09:46 AM
Right Cat. Try winning 3 in 3 years or more than 2 in the bay area. Also How many SB have the niners and Raiders won in the past 15 years? 0. So Sounds like Oakland is still better than SF who is still trying to catch up. Way to live up to your name their Liver... Ha ha ha
Nick April 25, 2014 at 02:02 PM
Fandom at it's best. The A's ranked 7th in operating income, but 26th in revenues, managing their costs effectively, which includes salaries and rent. Must be running on a pretty sweet deal with the Coliseum a year ago to have those sweet bottomline results. The Giants are 3rd in income and 3rd in revenues. 5th in total value at 1 billion. Giants are pretty effectively managing the product on the field as well as the business side. Business, the Giants are pretty cutthroat comparing them with the Haas family when they gave up the territorial rights for the "good of baseball" Haas screwed up, should have just managed his bottomline and worried about the A's. Giants have done it right, built their own park, created their own area, their own identity, that's how a business is managed and runned effectively. Having the A's around will eat into profits, so with the A's out of the area, means even more value to the Giants. When the Haas put the A's up for sale in the late 90's Norcal SuperMarket magnet Bob Piccinnini had his hat in the ring to purchase the A's, the Giants didn't want him. A Giants rep told him he'd be great for MLB, just not in Oakland. Piccinnini's Norcal ties pretty much told the Giants that the A's would fight for every dollar to build a stadium locally. So MLB declined Piccinnini's bid. He eventually got minority interest in the Padres. The Giants have a 20 year headstart with At & T, no reason why the A's can't catch up with Clorox Field. Yahoo money, google money, facebook money, twitter money....isn't far away. Even look at the Warriors, their contract with Kaiser ends when....drumroll....2018, just in time for the Warriors to sign a new deal with the numerous health providers with in a stones throw of their proposed arena in Mission Bay.


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