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mamarazzi! April 19, 2014 at 11:47 am
John...thank you for your comment. It is nice to see I am not alone. At the "calendar"Read More meeting I went to, I was the only one against the change...in a room of 50 parents...where some were saying how sick they get of their kids, and cant wait for them to go back to school when summer is done. Was I shocked? No. Sad? Yes. Glad they are not my parent. When I first moved here...I got 2 invitations... one was a group of moms going to drink early-11am & get their nails done to celebrate their kids going back to school, the other was a group of moms going to breakfast...to talk about how much they are going to miss their kids & how sad they were that summer was over. So...they are out there, those moms like me...maybe just not as vocal & present as others...perhaps because they are home spending time with their kids ;o) Anyway, you know which invitation I accepted... and you know, thankfully, I never got invited again by the other moms. How strange I must be... I love spending time with my kids..and I dont text friends, Facebook, Tweet or even get emails on my phone. OH MY!
Shadow April 19, 2014 at 04:00 pm
Thank you for starting this conversation. I'm disappointed on how few comments there have been. TheRead More WG thing was a fire storm and this is getting such little attention from parents. I attended the March parent meeting and the school district had already surveyed the teachers months before coming to the parents and the majority of the teachers are for the modified calendar. The school district said soonest anything will happen is 2015-2016 because of the teacher's contract needs to incorporate these changes-great, teachers are coming before our kids. The reasons for going to a Modified calendar, as presented by PUSD are: 1. Reduce re-teaching when returning from summer vacation 2. Reduce absences from illness and suspensions (more breaks during the school year) 3. Increased money to the district from reduced absences and suspensions (kids are in school more 'school" days). 4. Help reduce stress and increase test scores. I don't support Modified Calendar. The 10 weeks of summer vacation is needed for the kids and families. Do they really think reducing summer vacation by 2 or 3 weeks is going to dramatically increase our kids retention?! The supporting documentation the district supplied is "Educational Research", by Harris Cooper & Jeffery C. Valentine (the link is on the districts web site). When I read this "educational report" it wasn't able to provide concrete data that a Modified calendar is actually better. In fact, the report even admitted it. It blows me away that the district would use this as their source for supporting modified calendar. The report...page 40 She found significantly greater gains favoring the modified calendar during students' 2nd yr in the program but NOT during the 3rd year. page 42 The results suggest diminishing gains over time. page 44 Conclusion - ....they suggest a modified calendar effect on achievement is quite small. . . . Clearly, ... would place the revealed effect of modified calendars in the "trivial" range. If this is the best PUSD can do for trying to convince me Modified calendars will be an improvement for my kids, they need to think again.
mamarazzi! April 19, 2014 at 09:36 pm
Shadow, thank you for your comment. I too am so surprised that the district is being so secretiveRead More about this. We have been given surveys about homework, been sent letters about various items, but a schedule change...the only notification I saw happened to be on a school newsletter, 2 days before the meeting. There is a decent conversation in "town square" on the Pleasanton weekly website, your opinion would be very informative & appreciated. This change is not for the kids, it is to make life more convenient for adults. It is sad ...like you said, they are chosing whats best for the teachers, not the kids. Please send your opinion to the calendar commission's email address: instcal@pleasantonusd.net Also...email and/or write letters to the school board members who will make their decision...next month! http://pleasantonusd.net/departments/board-of-trustees/trustees/
Amador Valley High School civics team. Photo provided by Brian Ladd
Concerned Citizen April 7, 2014 at 06:32 am
The Patch is terrible. The description on the River Dell Patch FB page says "your local newsRead More source for River Edge and Oradell, N.J. Ann Piccirillo is editor." There is NOTHING true about that statement. The news isn't local anymore. Nor is Ann the editor. How hard it is to update a FB header? And if you look at the posts, there's news from Illinois, California, South Jersey, almost anyplace except River Edge and Oradell. AOL chairman Todd Anderson has decimated The Patch to a point where it don't nothing right. It doesn't fill a regional or national news need and it's useless locally. But he won't change it. Here's suggestion: give readers (if there are any left) a chance to tell the Patch the areas where they want their news to come. from. Let us enter cities or zip codes and you send us news only from there. Could be local. Could be from where we used to live or want to live or have family living. But this format you have now it terrible. Half the comments under any given story usually start with "Why am I seeing this in my town?" So c'mon Anderson, do something with this rag or fold it and take the loss.
Screenshot of the Ellen DeGeneres Show website
Pablo Zamora December 23, 2013 at 07:57 pm
This is so awesome!! I went to Valley View Elementary!
Coexist December 24, 2013 at 08:34 am
It aired last week. I saw them in the audience. So cool!
ccmcall December 29, 2013 at 07:23 am
Oh my gosh...I thought i saw Jennie Ebbers in the audience!!! Now I know it was true...she alongRead More with the other teachers certainly deserve it. I was a substitute teacher at PUSD for a few years. So cool! C. Mc.
Screenshot of the YouTube commercial for “The Missing 118”
Mari December 6, 2013 at 08:10 am
WOW very proud of you two too. Even though I do not know who you are I am so proud of your focus,Read More determination, hard work, and team work. GOOD JOB!
Patcher November 19, 2013 at 09:52 am
@Sammy. Wow. Really? "The school is correct in saying that it has no standing to handleRead More bullying or misbehavior cases that do not occur on school property". He was followed home by another student, called names, and was told he was going to be beaten, and I reported it to the school; (ii) "it sounds like the coach just thought it was normal horseplay." He was being bullied in the locker room, was punched in the chest, and reported it to the coach directly thereafter, and told to man-up. Yet, you expect a child, who is justifiably afraid, as @Janet clearly illustrates, to want his parents to get involved; especially one whose own coach didn't bother to protect him in the moment. You just made my point. Let's not focus on the real issue at hand, which is holding the perpetrator responsible, and exactly why bullying continues today. Instead of asking me, "how can you criticize the school for not doing anything if you never informed them of the bullying incident?", ask yourself why your concern isn't for the student being assaulted, and why no action was taken against the person who hit him, or why the middle school didn't investigate the incident, instead of a pat answer that it "isn't on school property"? If the bullying and bruising was suspected to be at the hands of his parents, would the same be expected? Why, no, the school would be mandated to report that. If you were punched in the chest, would you accept being told it's just horseplay? Why no, that would be a crime. How is what happened to my child, and any other child being bullied, any different?
J.S. November 19, 2013 at 08:34 pm
My first thought about Sammy not being concerned about the assaulted student was that Sammy mayRead More possibly work for the school district. Or Sammy has never had the experience of being bullied or having a child that has been bullied.
Sammy November 23, 2013 at 09:07 am
@Patcher. Let me explain more fully and clearly since it is apparent that both you and Janet haveRead More some sort of reading comprehension problem. The school does not have any jurisdiction or power over events that do not happen on school property. As for your point about possible "bullying and bruising" at the hands of the student's parents, no, the school STILL DOES NOT have any power to carry out any investigation on what may have happened off of school property. Rather, the schools have been ORDERED (i.e., they have no say of their own in the matter) to report suspected cases of parental child abuse to the proper authorities (i.e., child protective services or the police). And, no, they have no power or requirement to do the same in cases where one child gets into a fight with another child off campus. Is this all clear to you? Now, moving onto the coach's behavior and the alleged bruising incident. I wasn't there (hearing about this 3rd-hand), and you weren't there (hearing about this 2nd-hand). Perhaps his coach was wrong and didn't live up to his responsibilities. Or perhaps the coach was correct in apparently assessing the incident as horseplay that got a bit out of hand. Unfortunately, we'll never know for certain because YOU chose not to report the incident to the school principal's office while the evidence (i.e., the bruises) was still fresh. Yes, I understand that your child may have been afraid and may not have wanted to just drop the incident. But the bottom line is that you never gave the school principal a chance to deal with the matter, and then go on to criticize the school for not "holding the perpetrator responsible". Do you want to know who didn't hold the perpetrator responsible? It was YOU. YOU declined to hold the perpetrator responsible by not following through and taking the incident up with the school principal after the coach apparently failed to take action. Finally, you and Janet are both wrong about my feelings concerning bullies. I hate people who are bullies. I want to see all bullies held accountable for their actions. That's why I get a bit angry and upset when I read about an incident where a bully escapes from justice because the others involved didn't press forward with their charges and alert the proper authorities.
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Hallie Wake November 12, 2013 at 10:32 am
Perhaps more people would take an interest in education if we refer to the subjects not asRead More "kids", but as "future adults".
PLEASANTON, Ca:  Ian Bartholomew, George Dr. “B” Baljevich, Tim Sbranti with field reporting by TV30's Anna Kagarakis. Photo Credit: Tri-Valley TV
Sophia Farfan-Lowe November 5, 2013 at 11:51 pm
Join us after the game at Oasis grill Downtown Pleasanton - for our last -2013 season- 5th QuarterRead More Family Fun Night! 10% Anything purchased that night (show your flyer) will comeback to our football program! And enjoy great food and fun with your fellow Pleasanton families. Looking forward to see everyone there!
Briana Baxter November 6, 2013 at 10:22 am
Which school Sophia? I assume Amador?
Credit: Livingston Patch
Carolyn Staehle November 5, 2013 at 11:13 am
Thank you for posting this article, Pleasanton Patch! As an advocate with Tri-Valley Haven, theRead More Valley's domestic violence shelter and rape crisis center, I can say that we work tirelessly to teach safe dating, safe relationships and bystander intervention in local high schools and junior high schools. Teen dating violence and sexual assault issues are very much at the forefront of our minds as we work to build a world without violence. Thank you for bringing this article to our page!
PLEASANTON, Ca: Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi and PPIE Board Member Stephen Hilton of Team Fairlands - with The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards, co-winner in the "Savory" category Photo Credit: Chuck Deckert
Stan Levenson November 6, 2013 at 08:08 am
Congratulations to all those people who worked so hard for the 10th Annual "Toasts & TastesRead More of Fall" Culinary Competition and Fundraiser. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into putting these things on. You deserve a lot of praise for this! Best, Stan Levenson, Author, Big-Time Fundraising for Today's Schools, Corwin Press
PLEASANTON, Ca: Pink to honor the life of Foothill High School teacher JoAnn Koobatian Photo Credit: Mireya Paulos
Katie Yeffa October 29, 2013 at 06:08 pm
I would change your tagline from "... JoAnn Koobatian who lost her 8-year battle withRead More cancer" to "JoAnn Koobatian who courageously survived a cancer battle for 8 years." She beat the odds, fought to love, teach, and share her faith, and showed people what it really meant to not lose, but win at living with purpose and conviction. We all thank you, Mrs. K for modeling what a true victory looks like.
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