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my children are God's double-blessing to me.  i am also blessed with amazing parents, siblings & friends.
i don't start my day without reading america's first & best blogumnist:  leonard stegmann  AKA:  squidmann i laugh easily love wine, dancing, theatre, art..  and collect personally inscribed books by authors i love. i have a -real- tattoo on my face.   it stands for courage.   i refer to it as my "spiritual stripes"   /unless i'm in one of my margarita inspired moods, in which case it means, "conquer the world. one man at a time" i also refer to myself as "mamma~razzi"  -because i follow my children around with a camera, like, everywhere they go to capture everything they do i drive in the slow lane, read in the park.  attend centerpointe presbyterian church in pleasanton  -and gave my heart officially to Jesus, on Valentines, 2010, by baptism. i am in constant pursuit of new life experiences...   many of which end up in story form on my blog. and speaking of new experiences...  i was recently hired as a hospitality attendant (AKA: wine goddess) for ruby hill winery   -the gorgeous place of perpetual good cheer.  
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